KleinHacks Challenges

1960 Hope Center - Chick-fil-A Sponsored

The 1960 Hope Center is a day center that provides services, mentoring, lunch and job assistance (to name a few) to people experiencing homeless. It is one of the organizations in the area that Chick-fil-A regularly supports.

We would like a website that is professional and clearly speaks to our mission.

It would need to provide the following elements (at least):

  • Volunteer sign-up (linked to SignUp.com)
  • Lunch providers sign-up (linked to SignUp.com)
  • Event registration (linked to Eventbrite.com)
  • Text areas
  • Graphics areas
  • Monetary Donations (linked to paypal.com)
  • Logos of our Sponsors with links

Also come up with a new logo that includes the motto: “Compassion-Commitment-Change”.(old logo below)

Responsive image
Combat Cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying and how many people are affected from it?

Are there ways that we can combat cyberbullying?

How can we be effective in taking a stance against cyberbullying?

While working on your project, keep the following questions in mind:

  • How can we use technology to better combat cyberbullying?
  • How can we do a better job at supporting and raising awareness for those who are affecting by cyberbullying?

Come up with a campaign to combat or to raise awareness for cyberbullying.

This can involve a wide arrange of solutions, from creating social campaigns to creating an app where victims can go find help.

Microsoft & Merge Challenge

Use Your Imagination with Paint 3D and Merge

This challenge will focus on extending the students' imagination as they create characters, worlds and beyond in a 3D building tool.

We challenge the students to create 3D models to enhance how students can learn about different subjects in school.

  • How can 3D models improve the way students learn in the classroom today?
  • How can we utilize 3D objects to make learning accessible for everyone?